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About Adaptive Building Solutions LLC

Adaptive Building Solutions, LLC. is an Ann Arbor, Mi based Sustainable Green Building and Design company founded in 2006 by Mike Mahon. We are a custom home builder specializing in sustainable green building and design. Our corporate philosophy is deeply rooted in the fundamental concepts of environmental awareness and ecological preservation. "Sustainablity is a necessity now" says owner Mike Mahon, "we have to think about recycle, reduce, re-use” in the building industry and we love to integrate old materials as re-purposed design elements." ABS is noted for building high-performance, green custom new homes and additions and updating historic homes to modern green building standards. Today, many Americans are re-thinking the way homes should be built and lived in. We started Adaptive Building Solutions to be part of the “solution” rather than part of the “problem”. Sustainable green building technology is changing the direction of the entire building industry and we make it our job to understand what it all means. The bottom line is finding balance in the world.

High Quality - High Performance – Custom Homes

Custom home building is a process. We integrate durability, sustainability and energy efficiency into all of our projects while our customers focus on aesthetics. The result is a well designed, beautiful home that is considered to be in the top 1% of energy efficient homes in the country.

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