Adaptive Building Solutions LLC

Custom Homes

Modular and Pre-Fab Homes

Energy efficient pre-fabricated homes are becoming very popular in America from urban infill to remote locations for obvious reasons. Homes that are designed and built in a controlled environment and ready to assemble offer home buyers many options and an easy purchasing experience allowing most people to design and order their homes on-line without ever having to visit the seller.

When that home arrives, it takes a well prepared and adaptive crew to assemble all of the components so that the house performs the way it was designed to perform. I built my first pre-fab home 15 years ago while working for another builder and here at Adaptive, we are very knowledgeable about the modular / pre-fab home building process. If you want it done right, on budget and on time by a team of experienced builders then look no further because the answer is in our name, Adaptive Building Solutions.